Interview with Rachel Bond from Inspire Bellydance

Interview with Rachel Bond from Inspire Bellydance   I first met Rachel in Perth in 2013. It was part of the WA Middle Eastern Dance Festival, and she performed a beautiful show with live music. I was instantly struck by her grace (beautiful arm lines especially) and feeling with the music. Rachel lives in Sydney and is passionate about Middle Eastern dance. For this month’s newsletter, I was lucky enough to interview her about her passion, recent trip to Egypt and life as a dancer.   “Performing is another thing that I adore doing, for much the same reasons: it’s […]

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Know the rules. Then break them.

Know the rules. Then break them.   In a recent workshop with Lorna of Cairo, she said it is important to learn the rules of belly dance, but then you can break them.   Teaching many beginner students, I have recently been thinking about this concept and the importance to correct technique and cultural knowledge.   As an example, I think of Picasso. I never liked his work. Cubism. It seemed violent and offensive. But when I saw his earlier classical work, understood his mastery of painting technique and his motivations for seeing and portraying in different ways, and I [...] Read more »

6 Tips to Master Turns and Head Spins

6 Tips to Master Turns and Head Spins   Nothing can put you off  your performance like feeling nauseous mid-spin. Since posting my requested video on how not to get dizzy when turning and spinning,  I have received many more suggestions on how to improve turns and head spins. In this post, we look at 6 new ways to perfect your turns and spins. Are turns a traditional part of Middle Eastern dance? Whilst spins and turns have been popular in Middle Easter dance for centuries, it seems to be becoming more rigourous, more dramatic and even a crucial move for [...] Read more »